Cheerz 📸✨ | is a safe Photo Printing site?

Hello everybody! Havin’ a nice wednesday?!

Last monday I recieved a package from Cheerz and decided to write about my experience with Photo PrintingGift Code Cheerz | A Bela, não a Fera

From France, Cheerz print your pictures in different forms like polaroids, posters, photobooks, magnetics… In every way you could imagine!

I was looking for a Photo Printing site that would deliver to Finland, doesn’t matter where it would come from – just the price 😉

Almost at the same moment that I found Cheerz, I felt in love with the Polaroid Prints and decided that it was exactly what I needed to make my home decoration.

You can choose the pictures that will be printed from your computer, facebook, instagram, google pictures or cellphone (they also have the app – for android | for IOS).

I made my order at 11/11/2016 and it arrived at 21/11/2016 and its the only con: at the site, the deliver date were 16 or 17 of november, so it took 3 days more – counting the weekends but by the way, really fast deliver, if you think that it came from France to Finland.

Some of the Pictures are from our Wedding Day are gifts to our parents,  so I got stunned with the Photos Quality  and I‘m really in love with themGift Code Cheerz | A Bela, não a Fera Gift Code Cheerz | A Bela, não a Fera

So, Cheerz is a safe Photo Printing site?

More than safe, its lovely and totaly concerned to satisfy your Photo Printing desires!

Gift Code Cheerz | A Bela, não a Fera

And guess what?

Cheerz group gave a Gift Code for all my friends, what includes you! Yes, YOU!

Using the Gift Code BELCAO5 (Letter O, not zero) you get 5€ discount on your first order (of more than 10€)!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the tip and the gift code ♥

Do you have any sugestion how should I display the pictures at our home? Check the Youtube video that I show our home ♥

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